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About Forest Physio!

Located in the heart of Mount Forest on Main Street, our clinic has served hundreds of patients over the years. Forest Physio has specialists in laser and physiotherapy, as well as massage therapy and foot care! Some more information about our specialists and the options available to you can be found below!



Physiotherapy and LASER Therapy:

 Claudette Liske and her team of specialists provide effective care that is covered by:

    • Extended Health Insurance
    • Auto Insurance
    • WSIB
    • Veterans'
    • Privately 

Another Option:

Some people may choose to have one or two treatments, receive information on care of their condition at home, and then continue on their own with their home instructions.  They may return for a free check-up later.


Relaxation Massage: Ruth Neable, R.P.N., B.A.

Relaxation Massage relieves stress and muscle tension, and promotes circulation and lymph flow.  The use of essential oils may enhance the effects of the massage.  Reflexology treatment is also offered.


Foot Care: Lorraine Reid, R.N., B.Th.

Foot care includes a nursing assessment of the feet and lower extremities, nails cut, filed and reduced as needed, and a foot massage.  Reflexology treatment is also offered.  For more details visit


Orthotics, Compression Stockings: Jeff Walker, B.Sc.(Kin), Dip Ped, C.Ped(C)

Forest Physiotherapy is pleased to welcome SoleScience to its clinic!  SoleScience prides itself on providing patients with quality Pedorthic care and products that have proven to be beneficial when dealing with lower limb and foot pain.  Some of our services include an in-depth gait analysis, quality custom made orthotics, compression stockings and footwear modifications.  We also provide patients with supplementary background information relating to their issues, as well as footwear education and stretching/strengthening protocols that can help and prevent the reoccurrence of pain. Our focus on informing and educating the patient about what is contributing to their foot or lower limb problems is crucial on the road to recovery.  Jeff Walker will be seeing patients every Monday.  

For more information please visit book an appointment at 1-844-337-7653 or email     

Registered Physiotherapist:

  • Claudette Liske, P.T.
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