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Physiotherapy in Mount Forest for Hamstring Injuries I have a mild hamstring tear. I've been told to just give it time and let it heal. I'm worried I will end up with a worse injury if I don't treat ...more
I read somewhere that stretching the hamstrings doesn't really prevent injuries. But I feel better and more flexible when I do these stretches. If stretching doesn't prevent hamstring strains and spra ...more
I am a hockey player with a rupture of the distal hamstring (the semitendinosus portion). Would surgery early on get me back on the ice sooner? It's been two weeks since I hurt myself. Nothing is more ...more
I am a gymnast at the college level. While doing a lateral spagat (split) in the air, I tore the gracilis muscle of my hamstring. I've heard this is a pretty uncommon injury. What did I do wrong to ge ...more
I am 57 years old and went on a zip line at an amusement park with my grandkids. When I landed against the pad at the end, I hit so hard, I felt something snap in my butt. I completely ruptured my ha ...more
I pulled a hamstring muscle last season (I play college football). We are about to start spring training and I'm worried it might happen again. Is there anything I can do to avoid this? It is good to ...more
I'm 34-years-old, in great shape, and training for our local marathon. But everytime I go out running, I get a feeling of weakness in my right leg after about 25 or 30 minutes. There's pain but it's f ...more
I'm writing because I'm concerned that it's been six months since I had a hamstring repair and I still have pain when I'm sitting and numbness down the back of my leg . Is this normal? How much longer ...more
How well do hamstrings heal after surgery to re-attach the tendon to the bone at the bottom of the pelvis? I asked my surgeon this question but we got distracted in our conversation and I never did ge ...more